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Facts About Pressure Washing

Will I get the lowest price from Aqua Pressure Cleaning? What if I do get a lower price somewhere else?

We know what the rates charged in our industry for quality work, and we know that our pricing is the lowest. We don’t have to charge a high profit margin. We have enough business that we can give you a very fair deal on the best cleaning.

We will meet or beat any true competitors pricing. Those that are really licensed & insured, and can get even close to our results. Our free sample spot demonstration will be several times more dramatic than most of our competitors. We know that if you were to find a company that could produce results like ours, you would pay a lot more. Let us describe the specific procedures that would be involved in your next job.

We will always do our best to keep you as repeat customer or have you refer us in the future.
When you compare apples to apples, you will see exactly what you are getting for your money.

I was told that I could get my house, driveway, deck, and roof cleaned for $99. Can you beat that?

We will always beat our true competitors pricing. Be aware of companies that don’t have the correct insurance, or use inferior methods and cheap” supposed commercial chemicals”. You will find that our methods and machinery produce amazing results. When you compare apples to apples, our pricing will be the lowest. We are happy to explain why our service is not only superior in results, but also equates to no damage. Our free sample spot demonstrations will show the amazing results we produce.

Couldn’t we just rent the equipment and do the job ourselves?

Our industrial hot water equipment is not available for rent. It can only be purchased and a professional pressure washing supply. The right equipment and commercial chemical solutions are key to a safe and effective job. We have experimented with many chemical over the years, and know the right chemical cleaning solution to use on your job.

Aqua Pressure Cleaning will produce the best results that can be achieved with safe pressure washing.

I already have a pressure washer, so why would I need your help?

Most of our commercial customers own pressure washers. Let us take care of your heavy-duty cleaning. That will make it much easier to maintain with smaller machines.

What can I expect from Aqua Pressure Cleaning?

We show up on time and guarantee all work “If you’re not 100% Satisfied you don’t pay.” We are insured for your protection and ours. All employees have a professional attitude. We treat all work as if the property were our own and what we would expect No exceptions….

We will give your job the time and attention to detail that it deserves. We stay until your job is as clean as safe pressure washing will allow.

What are some things to consider when hiring a pressure washing company?

Is the company willing to prove their amazing results by doing a free sample spot demonstration at your location?
Does the company have happy and repeat customers?

Why is pressure washing so important?

Pressure washing is more important today than ever before as pollutants from industry, atmosphere and combustion have increased the need. Regular cleaning not only enhances the appearance of buildings and prevents damage, but it also helps in delaying the need for expensive and time consuming restoration.

Is pressure washing good for my paint?

Pressure washing is the 1st and best method to insure that the existing coating of paint will last longer. It is also the best way to prepare for refinishing or painting.

If you pressure wash annually, you will extend the life of your paint by at least 3 years, and often a paint job can last 10 years. It is much less expensive to pressure wash than to paint.
Dirt, grime, mold and mildew can severely damage your building’s exterior and cause wood rot and premature fading. Regular pressure washing is the remedy.

Does pressure washing kill mold?

NO. One of the biggest misconceptions in the industry is that pressure washing will remove mold, mildew, and fungus. Although they may appear to be gone, mold spores will stay and continue to grow back rapidly, even though a new paint job. Only the use of a proper chemical will kill the mold and resist it from coming back. We are able to remove most kinds of green, brown and black streaking.

Can Aqua Pressure Cleaning really do the biggest and smallest jobs known to man?

Yes. We are able to clean the tallest buildings, towers, and other structures. We are able to clean the largest areas of flat-work, retaining walls, tents, entire business & industrial parks, as well as neighborhoods. We utilize stage-swing scaffolding, motorized articulating lifts, ladders, specialized vehicles and other systems that are designed for high-volume clean-up.

We are able to clean large amounts of concrete, brick, stone, wood, stucco, vinyl, Hardy Plank, and other manufactured materials. We can meet the most stringent of time restraints while exceeding expectations. Don’t let our capabilities divert your smaller jobs. We are also happy to clean the smallest areas and will give the same professional experience that you would expect from a much larger job. We measure our success with one customer at a time. We are a company that cares about every job and hopes to keep you as a lifelong customer.

What about stubborn oil stains?

We get great results when cleaning oil. Sometimes pressure washing will totally remove an oil stain. Other times, we will get spots as light and less evident as possible. There is a “next step” for stubborn oil stains that thoroughly penetrate the porous concrete. It is an incredible dry cleaning method that will continue to dissolve oil. Please call and we will give you the details.

Can you remove gum from the concrete?

Our hot water pressure washer will remove all gum residue with ease. Gum that has been on the surface for years is no challenge for us.

Can you safely clean stucco and wood?

Our machines have adjustable pressure and we utilize wide angle nozzles on the cleaning wands.
We are easily able to clean delicate surfaces like stucco and wood with safe low pressure. The key to a safe job is by utilizing the correct commercial chemical solution. With the same machine, we can turn up the power and safely get the best results from concrete.

Will the pressure washing affect my plants?

Your plants and flower will not be affected by our procedure. We are careful to pre-spray plants and grass with water so any chemical that may get on them will not soak in. We are constantly pressure washing around very impressive gardens and different types of delicate flowers. We have never had any problems with anything turning colors or such.

Is all hot water pressure washing the same?

No. Most types of concrete cleaning will benefit from a very powerful and hot machine. There are many low-end models of hot water pressure washers that simply can’t keep a consistent water temperature from problems with high volume of water flow.

Does pressure washing clean the windows?

We recommend waiting until after the pressure washing job to decide on hand detailed window cleaning. Most of our customers are happy with the results of pressure washing alone. Hand detailed window cleaning is given a separate price from our regular house cleaning procedures. We offer both exterior and interior window cleaning.

What if I have more questions, or am ready to schedule my job?
Call us today at 361-225-2367.

We will answer any questions that you may have, and can schedule your job immediately. There is never an obligation to purchase our service.

We are on call 24 hours a day, as we have a lot of commercial work that involves working around the clock. The more you know about pressure washing, the more you will feel like you hired the right company. We will be ready when you call. We appreciate your business and will always give your job the attention to detail that it deserves.

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